UK Veterinary Practices Licence Conditions


1-The Veterinary Practices Directory Licence may only be granted to an individual or organisation whose name and address appears on the Invoice Form

2-A Licence can not be granted to companies / organisations trading or operating in names other than those provided by the Licensee

3-Our Licensing criteria only allow data to be used commercially by the purchasing organisation

4-The database and the information contained can not be uploaded to any website / allocated / supplied / copied or sold by the Licensee to any third party company, organisation or institutions that may or may not use the data for commercial purposes

5-Any sale or supply to third parties would breach the licensing agreement

6-The issue of a Licence is subject to our company's Terms and Conditions

7-Licensees must comply with all regulations under the Data Protection Act

8-The right to use this Microcom Publishing Ltd Software Product is granted on the condition that the Customer agrees to the company's full Terms and Conditions

9-Opening the media indicates your full acceptance

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